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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the frequently asked questions regarding differents situations:

If you have a License checking message and FPse enter into limited mode follow instructions below:

  • FPse is slow on my device how can i make FPse faster ?

    Enable Frameskipping from VIDEO menu, Switch to Old Drawing mode from MISC menu, Disable SPUSYNC from audio menu

  • FPse is suddendly slow while it was very fast previously ?

    Restart your device to Free fragmented memory, check if your device is not in ECO mode, to be sure get a tool like CPU Master from market to check in which mode is your processor. Check if Dynamic interpreter is no set. And last go to MISC menu then reset settings.

  • FPse goes to Orange logo then memcards manager, no game start ?

    If you used archived disk Image files, be sure to uncompress them using the tool Zarchiver from your device, DO NOT USE ANDROZIP, it brake big files while uncompressing them. Check the size of your file, if not 0 bytes, or > 650mbytes

  • How to access memcards manager ?

    If you have well loaded Bios file from main menu, just press the new button called Boot Bios

  • I cannot see my game from FPse?

    If your game was compressed, just uncompress it using Zarchiver. Browse from the root directory of your device, then enter into /mnt and look for sdcard directory or extSDcard

This documentation is for information purposes only and does not reflect all the possibilities of FPSE for Android.

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