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Download PSX Emulator for Android – The Best Choice

FPse happens to be one of the best available apps that are out there to play PlayStation games. Sometimes referred to as PSX android app, this app has rnaked in more than hundred thousand downloads and is pretty popular among the users as it has accumulated a rating of around 4.5.

How and where to start?

In order to use this app, you have to download and install the PSX emulator android apkfrom the FPse website or get android app from Googleplay store.

  • After PSX emulator android app, has been downloaded and installed, you have to then load the bios file by selecting the appropriate option from the menu drop down.
  • Bios files are preferred as it is more easy option to get the high compatibility option.
  • Once you have loaded the bios and after you have performed PSX emulator android download, you have to then add the game file to the app.
  • The options to the game files are then applied by default.


This is the best app when you take all the PSX emulators for android into consideration. The most important features of this app include.

  • Higher performance can be expected in this version.
  • This version has much higher compatibility with yourPlayStation games.
  • This version has much higher sound support and compatibility.
  • This app exists in perfect harmony with touch features and gyroscopic sensors. This means that you can play games with gesture and movement support.
  • This has a dedicated cheat engine which supports cheat codes to be applied on your games.

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