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October 12, 2020

Top 3 Games to be Played on Android Games Emulator on Smartphone

Gaming is the next level of happiness for enthusiasts. Globally, this industry has moved up like a storm and with that has evolved the technology. From the big bulky scene of desktops and Televisions, we are now spending most of our time on Smartphone’s tiny screen.

With that said, the gaming industry has seen multiple players in the industry with some of them imitating the actual-life scenes. Android games emulators have brought those big computer processors to your pocket-size screen and with no compromise, FPse64 has emerged as a robust PlayStation one emulator app that converts your smartphone into a gaming feast.

So if you are also a gaming geek, here is a list of top 3 games that you must experience using the FPse64 emulator for android.

Let’s Begin!

1. God of Wars:

God of Wars is one of the most feature-rich and life-size games ever produced. It is an action series and is inclined more towards a story rather than a mission. It houses in a character called Kratos who has quite a killer appeal with bandit alike attire while his sons remain to be a humble one. They hail from the ancient Greek mythologies and they are motivated to make the world a better place.

This game was introduced for Sony PS4 and is rocking the charts. However, to play the same on a tinier screen with a similar fun may not be possible without a robust emulator. An Emulator for android will manifold the entire excitement and zeal.

2. Final Fantasies:

Originally introduced in 1987 for Nintendo, Final Fantasies a=is an action game divided among 4 different characters who are named Warriors of Light. These Warrior of lights travel over the world to search the demons and get them off their bad deeds. With continuous evolution, this game has got awesome graphics and stands out as a player’s choice.

With the best graphics in place, FPse64 is a must to have android games emulator that can magnify the depiction like in this game to a new level.

3. PUBG:

PUBG doesn’t need an introduction at all. It is the biggest blockbuster games out there and people are crazy behind this game. It has the highest number of downloads and people blindly invest in this game to experience the best of this game. It originally came as a computer game, but later it received a PUBG mobile version.

This game is about 100 players who jump off a plane and search for their weapons. After this, the fight begins between them and the last survivor wins the battle. This theme can make you addicted to the game as it supports as many players and depending upon the user’s skills, it may take hours to get to the end of the game.

So if you are a novice, you’ll soon bid adieu, however, an expert may go as long as the finalist would and may take hours or days to finish the play. Playing these games requires proper sync and a high-performance system. FPse64 is among the finest emulators which support each and every graphic of the game to fetch the best experience for you. Download it today for an unmatched experience.