Console emulators for android
November 3, 2020

Play Your Old Favorites Games On Your Mobile Phones

It takes you back to one of the best memories when you hear the name PlayStation. One of the most iconic and highest played gaming systems ever came into the market. It was a dominant player in the gaming market, and many legendary games saw tremendous mainstream success. If you want to re-live one of the best childhood memories, you can use our android games emulator to enjoy PlayStation games. You may find ample choice to choose from, yet we are the best emulator provider in the market due to our startling features and quality.  

If you want to enjoy the same gaming experience over your phone, you need to download PS1 Emulator. Our emulator is very stable and runs the games without any gap or stuttering. You can download our app at . It is a paid app and worth every single penny spent.

We have come up with the new version of the FPse emulator app for android devices. The latest version is called FPse64. Below you can see the critical changes in the revised version.

  • FPse64 runs better, faster than FPse, due to rewritten for ARM64 with all the core code functionality. Even 32 bits build of FPse64 work better compare to FPse.
  • New UI is much clearer, where game covers display game origin with a country flag; more game is also recognized because current FPse had a fixed detection bug in the latest version.
  •  Rendering is much more precise in 64 bits because Rendering calculations are now in float instead of a fixed integer.
  •  Support for dual-screen devices to let FPse displaying PS screen on one screen and pad on the other screen.
  •  NFS storage support is improved with a better menu and help for the first level of directories for the game Discovery.
  •  CD-Rom reading emulation is now done in a thread, which makes FPse running better when you have a slow scard, for example.
  •  Sound emulation for devices running in Android 6 and more is set to opensles, improving audio Rendering and lowering audio latency.
  •  External gamepad support is improved with the detection of detached devices and better recognition.
  •  The multi-player mode is improved as well.
  •  Shortcut improved for devices running on Android 8 and more.
  •  Many features fix like Dropbox saving to name.
  • Apart from the changes mentioned above, there are many other fixes.

Console emulators for android will not make you miss your PlayStation memories. Update your FPse app now or buy the one if you have not yet.