PSX Emulator Android Download
November 19, 2021

How to use the PSX emulator android apk?

Before moving to the topic, let us understand what a PlayStation emulator is. A program that emulates or imitates the gaming consoles and authorizes you to enjoy your favorite classic game is the PlayStation emulator. Emulators are offered for PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, etc. Earlier, Playstation games can only be played through PC and desktops. But with the innovation of smartphones and android PSX emulators, the retro classic games can be easily played on Android devices.  Also, you will find no difference in the gaming session on your android devices and desktops. For emulating the PS games on your android devices, you can download, install, and configure the ePSXe emulator. However, if you want to know the process of using the PSX emulator android apk, then continue reading this blog.

Getting the ePSXe files

To start playing your favorite game on the PSX emulator android apk you first need to download the ePSXe files. The ePSXe file can be easily downloaded from its official website. It needs to save on your Android device SD card place or in the internal storage of your device. The file will be downloaded in the compressed format which is known as zipping.

Unzip the compressed file

Next, the step is to unzip the compressed file. To unzip the emulator file in the android PSX emulator you need to download the WinRAR file for free from the website of RARLAB. Now you should press double click on the downloaded ePSXe file for installing the WinRaR on your device. Do the right-click on the ePSXe file to extract the zipped file. As soon as you extract the file, you need to transfer it to the folder where the file name bios and plugins exist. From there you can start using the emulator on your device to start playing your game.

It’s all about how to use the PSX emulator android apk. Follow the above process and start playing your favorite classic game on your device.