September 20, 2021

How to play PS1 games on android devices?

Today’s generation is highly dependent upon their android smartphones for everything. The smartphones we are using currently are power-packed with hardware components and are capable of performing intensive tasks as well. Then, why don’t we use it for playing some retro and PlayStation games? Yes, you heard it right. We can play retro games such as the good old Tekken series, metal slug, final fantasy, crash, etc on our smartphones. By using a PS1 game emulator for Android, we can recollect our golden memories. But if you are wondering how then you should read this article till the end.

Playing PS games with a PS android emulator is very simple and easy. Hence you also don’t require any rooted device. Let’s start this article with the steps.

Steps to play PS games through PS android emulator

Follow the given below steps for enjoying your favorite PS game on your Android device.

Install PS1 emulator

To start playing PS1 games, first, you need to install the PS1 game emulator for Android. There are several PS android emulators you will find. But out of the choice of hundreds and thousands, you need to select the appropriate one. You should choose the PS emulator which is very stable and creates no lagging or shuttering during the play. Emulators are easily available on the play store, you can download from there then head to another process.

Install Zarchiver

After installing the PS android emulators, you need to download the Zarchiver. This is the application for archive management, and you will use it for extracting the BIOS compressed and game flies. Also, this can be downloaded with a click on the play store.

Download PS1 Bios

The BIOS file of the PS1 game emulator for Android is the activation key of your emulator. If you don’t have a BIOS file, emulators will not work. As you are installed and configured, you are some steps away from starting to play PS games. You should download the US version of the BIOS file.

Download PS1 games

Now, you need to download your favorite PS games. You can choose different PlayStation games to play. If you want to play some retro PS games, the list is mentioned above, you can download from there.

Configuring the emulator

Now you have all the PS emulators android. You just need to configure or put them together. You should set your BIOS file first and then your game. To do this, you need to open the Zarchiver and track the folder you have to download the BIOS file. If the file is in zip format, then extract it. Extract it and keep it in any other folder. Now, you need to extract the zip file of your gaming app. Then you need to select the game you wish to run on your android device.

Here, you have all finished starting your favorite game. As soon as you complete the above process, you shall start enjoying your retro or PS1 game emulator for Android.