PS1 game emulator for Android
January 17, 2022

Guide on how to use PS1 emulator app

PlayStation consoles are the most successful consoles exist in the history of the gaming world. This console was released by Sony Computer Entertainment in the year 1994. Earlier, PlayStation games are limited only to be played on systems and desktops. But, with the advancement in the technology of smartphones and mobile devices. Now you can play PlayStation games directly on your android devices. This is possible only because of the PlayStation x emulator android.

But do you know that playing PS on mobile phones is as simple as playing it on desktops? If not, then read this blog till the end. Here we have highlighted how you can easily play PS games through an emulator app for android.

Getting the EPSXe files

First of all, you need to download the compressed file of the PS1 emulator app on your android device. Now for extracting the same compressed file, you need to download the WinRAR app. After completing this process, you will get the EPSXe files on your smartphones.

Retrieving PSX BIOS files

Get the PSX BIOS files for activating the emulation capacity of the PlayStation x emulator android. For activating the same, you need to follow some steps and processes that you can find on the official website of the app.

Installing plugins

If you want to be sure that the emulator app for android displays the game graphically, reads the CD Drive, and plays the sound correctly with the computer. Then you are required to install the plugins.

Configuring the EPSXe emulator

For configuring the PS1 emulator app, you need to double-click on the executable file for running the emulator. The process gets completed only when you press the Skip Config button and configure the game controller.

Playing games

Now, you are all ready to enjoy your favorite PS games on game emulators for Android.

These are some of the steps involved in using the PS1 emulator app. If you are fond of playing PS games and nostalgic about it. Then adapt this method and start playing it today on your smartphone.