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Android PSX Emulator – The Magic App

With the modern smartphones and its extreme capabilities, it can now easily support PlayStation games on android. There might be a ton of Playstation emulators out there on the market right now, but FPse is the best one of the lot.

Many apps with similar ideas were removed from the google play store due to legal reasons and many others are in the market with outdated features. The fpse emulator is the best one in the market in the category of Android games emulator.


The FPse emulator is considered as the Android best PSX emulator and not without any reasons.

  • It features analog sticks with touchscreen sliding
  • Supports gyro feature.
  • It supports force and haptic feedback, making the device vibrate when some events happen in the game
  • Supports an array of file extensions which include .img, .iso, .cue, and .Z image formats.

Tips to Improve the Gameplay Experience

These are the tips that you can follow to make your Play station game playing experience in smartphones with android PSX emulatora better experience.

  • Various buttons in your device such as volume down, volume up, power and call button can be assigned to various features in the in-game actions.
  • Supports gyro feature.
  • You don’t need to install additional software to increase the sound quality and sound feature in the games s FPse is great one.
  • Supports an array of file extensions which include .img, .iso, .cue, and .Z image formats.

This Emulator app for android is often updated and the compatibility is much better than others available.

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